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Church Revitalization and Strengthening:

​Helping congregation by training them how to become more effective Kingdom focused disciples and disciple-makers.

Community Service and Family Training:

Reaching communities through providing human need initiatives, economic empowerment training as well as Kingdom focused service project i.e. (adopt a school etc.)


Church Planting:

​​Creating new Kingdom focused disciple-making congregations.

Leadership Development:

​​Developing an Academic theological Center for training, equipping and supporting Kingdom focused leaders as disciple-makers.

Global Missions Involvement:

​​Helping Christians and Congregations become more personally involved in the worldwide Kingdom disciple-making enterprise.

Economic & Resource Development:

​​Developing multiple streams of financial income to resource our worldwide Kingdom focused disciple-making enterprise.

Kingdom Business Development:

​​Devolving Kingdom-Minded entrepreneurs who develop Kingdom-Centered businesses.

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